Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

Introducing Human Rights Organizations Based in Washington D.C.

There are over 60 human rights organizations based out of Washington D.C., and this article will be focusing on the major ones.

What Are Human Rights Organizations

Human Rights

Human Rights Organizations are organizations that protect the basic human rights of individuals who have had their civil liberties infringed upon due to unfortunate circumstances.

Unfortunate circumstances refers to conditions such as: conflicting political beliefs, health, separation of family, poverty, medical care, old age, spousal violence etc.

A special characteristic of these human rights organizations is they are Non Profit Organizations (NGO’s) established by the public.

Human rights groups have the greatest impact and influence when their reforms and initiatives are supported by the public.

Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

Number of Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

There are 160 Human Rights Organizations in the United States, and 60 of them are based out of Washington D.C.

In addition to Human Rights Organizations, there are similar organizations that support refugees and immigrants. The number of these groups are increasing year after year.

List of Major Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

List of Major Human Rights Organizations in Washington D.C.

Here’s an introduction to some of the organizations based out of Washington D.C.

This is a focus on the major ones, and there are other organizations not introduced here, so if you have further interest please research the remaining groups.

Air Serv International

Established in Florida in 1984.

In 2007 they established offices in Canada, Chad, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Jordan and Mozambique.

Using aircrafts, they’re able to distribute supplies and relief support to destinations that cannot be reached by other modes of transport.
They’ve partnered with various philanthropic organizations for funding and support to have the means to reach these destinations only accessible by aircraft.

Air Serv International has the following mission:

  • Provide safe transportation to various locations under harsh conditions
  • Improve flight safety and support for the East African aviation industry
  • Support the local economy of Entebbe, Uganda
  • Expand the geographic reach of these aviation initiatives
  • In addition to our primary mission of providing safe transport, we have also focused on contributing to the improvement of aviation operations and flight safety as a whole in East Africa.

    While the major portions of our resources are concentrated on mission support, we also take pride in the fact that we actively endeavor to contribute to the local economy in Entebbe, Uganda, where our operations headquarters is located.

    As transport needs for the humanitarian community continue to grow, we aim to increase our response capabilities. In the coming year, we aspire to expand the geographic reach of our humanitarian flight operations.

    Reference:OUR FUTURE|Air Serv International

    Children’s Defense Fund

    Founded in 1973 by Marian Wright Edelman.

    They’re based out of Washington D.C. with additional presence throughout the United States.

    Their main goal is to improve policies around child welfare and public education, while simultaneously working to pass legislation to support these policies.

    The Children’s Defense Fund has the following mission.

    • Ensuring fair and equal competition for all children
    • Protection against abuse and neglect
    • Access to health care, quality education, moral support groups and spiritual foundations
    • Encouragement of Preventive Investment

    The Children’s Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities.

    Reference:Our Mission|Children’s Defense Fund

    Humanity and Inclusion

    Founded in 1982 in France by two French Doctors.

    Their goal is to protect individuals with disabilities and those left vulnerable due to poverty, conflict and natural disasters.

    In 2018, the title of the organization was changed to better reflect its stance on supporting a large range of initiatives, in addition to its initial goal of providing support for individuals with disabilities.

    Currently, Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. acts as an ambassador.
    Humanity and Inclusion has the following mission:

    • Intervene in issues surrounding poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster
    • Provide assistance and aid for those living with disabilities and vulnerable individuals
    • Improve the living conditions of those living with disabilities and vulnerable individuals

    HI est une organisation de solidarité internationale indépendante et impartiale, qui intervient dans les situations de pauvreté et d’exclusion, de conflits et de catastrophes.

    Œuvrant aux côtés des personnes handicapées et des populations vulnérables, elle agit et témoigne, pour répondre à leurs besoins essentiels, améliorer leurs conditions de vie et promouvoir le respect de leur dignité et de leurs droits fondamentaux.

    Reference:Notre mission|Humanity and Inclusion

    Human Rights Action Center

    Established by human rights activist Jack Healey

    Their goal is to create greater awareness around human rights issues and the ability to obtain those basic human rights for oppressed individuals.

    The “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” is printed on all passports to raise awareness amongst the general public.

    Human Rights Action Center has the following mission:

    • Increase awareness and accessibility to human rights
    • Spread the message of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights across the globe
    • Partner with influencing individuals in the creative arts industry (musicians, theater performers, actors/actresses, authors) to raise awareness around human rights issues

    The Human Rights Action Center (HRAC) is a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for human rights for all of the world.

    HRAC partners with leaders in the creative arts world (music, theater, film, written word) to focus awareness on areas of critical importance in the struggle for human rights and lend a hand to some of the less-publicized cases of human rights abuse and neglect.

    Reference:Our Mission|Human Rights Action Center

    Human Rights Campaign

    Founded in 1980 by Steve Endean

    Based out of Washington D.C. they act as the largest political affiliation in the United States for LGBTQ+ rights.

    In addition to protection and expanding rights of the LGBTQ+ community, they also defend and support initiatives surrounding HIV and AIDS.

    Human Rights Campaign has the following mission:

    • Protect and expand rights of the LGBTQ+ community
    • Counter legislation that infringes and negatively impacts the rights of the LGBTQ+ community
    • Promote equality through legislative reform

    Together, we elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, won the Georgia runoffs and achieved pro-equality majorities in the House and Senate.

    Now we’re going to pass the Equality Act through Congress and ensure protections for LGBTQ+ people nationwide.

    Reference:Our Work|Human Rights Campaign

    Human Rights First

    Established in 1978 with the goal of protecting human rights throughout the world.

    They support and promote legislation and policies that address and account for the rights of all individuals.

    Their belief is upholding human rights is not only a moral obligation but a vital national interest.

    Human Rights First mission is as follows:

    • Create a society in which basic human rights of all individuals are protected and respected
    • Hold those that violate basic human rights accountable
    • Stand against the abuse of digital authority
    • Protect asylum seekers and refugees
    • Minimize civilian harm due to US military operations
    • Review and analyze the US Security Sector

    We know it is not enough to expose and protest injustice, so we create the political environment and policy solutions necessary to ensure consistent respect for human rights.

    Reference:ABOUT US|Human Rights First

    Refugees International

    Founded in 1979 by Sue Morton

    They advocate for better support for those displaced from their homes and are active in around 15 field missions around the world.
    Additionally, they encourage policy makers and aid providers to support funds surrounding US foreign aid.

    Refugees International has the following mission:

    • Support for displaced individuals
    • Protect displaced individuals
    • Protect the basic human rights of individuals
    • Remain independent and reputable by not receiving funding or support from the United Nations and national governments

    Refugees International advocates for lifesaving assistance, human rights, and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.

    We do not accept any government or UN funding, ensuring the independence and credibility of our work.

    Reference:Our Mission|Refugees International

    What Can We Do to Protect Human Rights ?

    What Can We Do to Protect Human Rights

    These are just a few of the organizations, as there are many more, in and outside of Washington D.C. that fight for similar human right initiatives.

    We must not forget, we are all living our lives with just “basic human rights”.

    We must ask ourselves “What can we do to protect and improve these human rights”.

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