List of races and social classes from the data.

You can see the current state of the world by gaining a better understanding of the list of races and social classes.

Therefore, this article introduces race and social class in detail.

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What is race?

Race often refers to the biological classification of genes.

Races include:

  • Negroid
  • Caucasian
  • Mongoloid
  • Australo-Melane


Negroids are a large number of races, especially in Africa.

Negroids can be divided into the following four types.

  • Melano-African race
  • Ethiopian race
  • Negrilo race
  • Koisan Race

Negroids are often referred to as blacks and are characterized by their dark skin color.


Caucasian races are often referred to as whites.
It is said to have been named by the German anatomist Johann Brumenbach.

He visited the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.
And I named the people there “Caucasian”.
Also, in the United States, Caucasian is often used as a word to describe one group.


Mongoloid is a race that is predominant in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
Sometimes referred to as the yellow race because of the color of the skin.

Also, Mongoloid is said to have been discovered later than other races.
Mongoloid was to be used by Christoph Meiners in 1785.


Australo-Melane refers to the indigenous people of Australia.

Often referred to as a independent race, it is also recognized as a type of Caucasian race.
It is distributed mainly in Australia, but it is said that the distribution varies depending on the region.

And it is said that there are DNA-like entities in neighboring countries that are close to Australo-Melanes.

What is the social class?

The social class is not clearly defined.
This is because the concept of social class is often used on data.

The social class is the society of the target person divided by class. And the method of class division will depend on the data </​​span> .

For example, for annual income data, create a list of social classes by annual income.
In addition, if you have an academic background, you may create a social class based on your final academic background.
Next, multiple social classes may be judged together.

As you can see, the social class is clearly not a class.
However, in some countries the social class was clearly defined.

What is the difference between race and class?

It is said that there are different parts depending on race and social class.

Some of the parts that change depending on race and social class are as follows.

  • Education
  • Household income
  • work
  • Housing


Race and social class may affect your educational background.

In the United States, there is data that more than 70% of Asians have graduated from college.
And you will benefit a lot from graduating from college.
Among them, the biggest one is work.

Having graduated from college makes it easier to get a high-paying profession.
However, if you haven’t graduated from college, you’re unlikely to get a well-paid job.

In this way, it can be said that educational background also leads to disparities in other parts.
Also, with such a high level of education, the annual income will often be high, and as a result, the cost of education for children will be high.

Source:”Educational attainment and social outcomes | U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS”

Household income

It is said that the annual household income varies depending on race and social class.

In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the following data.

The average pre-tax income for the 2014-16 period was $ 70,448. Pre-tax profits vary by race and ethnicity, with Asians having the highest pre-tax profits at $ 93,390 and black or African Americans having the lowest at $ 48,871. The gap between those with a minimum income of 10% and those with a maximum income of 10% was the widest among Asians and the smallest among Hispanics and Black or African Americans.

Source: “Household income varies widely by race and ethnicity | US BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS “

Thus, there is a fact that the annual income of Asian households is high, while the annual income of African households is low.
This may be related to the ease of getting a job and educational background.

Source: “Household income varies widely by race and ethnicity | US BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS “


Work may differ depending on race and social class.

Also, the stability of work will often vary depending on race.
Race is rarely directly related to this background.

This is probably because many people are reluctant to raise awareness of racial discrimination and to discriminate against occupations by race.

However, it is a fact that there are differences in education depending on race.
And, due to such educational disparities, it is possible that you will not be able to get the job you want.


It may be said that the stability of housing varies depending on race and social class.

Actually, according to the data of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is announced as follows.

During 2014-16, 71% of Caucasian households owned a home with or without a mortgage and 27% rented it. .. During the same period, 56% of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander households rented and 41% owned a home.

Source: “Home ownership and residential stability | US BUREAU OF LABOR” STATISTICS “

Whites are more likely to own a home.

As you can see, the stability of housing often varies depending on race.
The background to this may be the difference in income.

And the background of the difference in income is the educational gap.
In this way, it can be said that many social backgrounds are involved in a complicated manner.

What is the social class of each country?

Here, we introduce the social classes of the following three countries.

  • Indian social class
  • American social class
  • German social class

Indian social class

In India, a social class called the caste system has been held for many years.

There are four classes in caste:

  • Brahmin
  • Kshatriya
  • Vaishya
  • Shudra

There are also people called untouchables who don’t belong anywhere in these classes.

And such a class system is now banned by the Government of India.
On the other hand, it is still often affected by caste.

Actually, the suicide rate, employment rate, income, etc. will be different depending on the caste.

Source: “Scheduled Castes | National Portal of India”

American social class

In the United States, assets may determine the social class.
In the old United States, race was sometimes used to determine the class.

But such social class decisions are now banned.

Instead, the social class of assets was born.

In American capitalism, the person who owns the property is sometimes defined as the upper class.
It can also be said that such classification by assets is unknowingly done in a capitalist state.

German social class

In Germany, it is said that the social class is created by the introduction of the Meister system.

The Meister system is a system for acquiring experience and knowledge about the profession.
It is sometimes said that this system creates a horizontal class in society.

In addition, since the Meister system regulates behavior, it may be said to be a violation of human rights.

Racial and social class data questions and answers

Can I be disadvantaged by race?

It can be said that race can be disadvantageous.

Recently, there have been cases in the United States where police officers shot dead just because they were black.
This suffers from the disadvantage of being killed by race.

In addition, there are many cases of unfair discrimination depending on race.

Therefore, it can be said that there are some disadvantages depending on the race.

Is there any disadvantage to the social class?

It can be said that the social class may suffer disadvantages.

Especially in a country like India where the concept of social class is deep-rooted, it often suffers.

This is probably because class consciousness is rooted in people’s consciousness even if the government bans it.
In fact, in India, caste may determine who can get married.

Besides, it is said that there is a big difference in income depending on the caste.

In this way, the social class often suffers disadvantages.

Even in the United States, what you can do financially depends on your class.
In this regard, even a choropleth map based on assets in the United States may suffer.

Are there any countries with a clear social class?

Currently, it is said that no nation has a clearly defined social class.

However, some countries do not disclose information to the outside, so it may not be possible to grasp the actual situation.
And there is a basic human right behind the fact that there is no country with a clearly defined social class.

Basic human rights are the rights declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
And many countries have joined the United Nations to declare guarantees of basic human rights.

Against this background, no social class decision will be made that would limit basic human rights.

Source: “Universal Declaration of Human Rights | the United Nations”

Get a better understanding of race and social class

There is often a great relationship between race and social class and people’s lives.
Therefore, understanding the list of races and social classes will also help us to understand the world.

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