LGBT Days and Other Events Around the World

Various events take place on certain days each year in support of the LGBTQ+ community and their rights. America was one of the first to have this custom, with many countries following.

Events can last from one week to one month. This article will introduce the various events and information about Pride Month.



LGBT is an initialism for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people; it is one of the terms used to represent sexual minorities.

There are also those who identify as Queer or Questioning, so the term is also sometimes known as LGBT+ or LGBTQ.

LGBTQ is much more complex than simply being male or female; the following 4 elements of a person factor in to how a person identifies.

  • Biological Sex
  • Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Expression

As we can see, gender is not something that can be easily categorized into black and white; gender and identity are ambiguous like a color gradient.

Biological Sex

Our biological sex is determined by genital appearance, chromosomes, and sex hormone production.

Our biological sex is acknowledged by law when our birth certificates are submitted after we are born.

Gender Identity

Gender identity is about how you personally identify.

Some people identity as men, some people as women, and some as neutral or undecided.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is about whom you are interested in, whether it is romantic attraction or sexual attraction.

There are people who are attracted to the opposite sex, same sex, both men and women, and also people who are not attracted to anyone.

Gender Expression

How can you express your gender identity in society and show who you are?

Using your preferred pronouns, dressing in your own style, and being who you want to be are all great ways to express yourself.



To honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan, Pride Month is celebrated every year in June.

To also celebrate ‘coming out’ and being open about gender identity and sexual orientation, October 11 is celebrated all around the world as National Coming Out Day with festivals and parades.

Pride month

Pride Month in the US celebrates the LGBT+ community, but also stands as a political statement to advocate for LGBT+ rights.

Large events are held in celebration in almost all cities across the US. The colors of the rainbow are used as the LGBT+ motif for art, clothing, and parades that brighten up the whole city.

While there is much to celebrate in pride month, aside from dance parties and festivities, supporters gather around the world in political protests to promote LGBT+ rights and freedom.

National Coming Out Day

On October 11, 1987, the Washington March took place in Washington D.C. in support of gay and lesbian rights. Many LGBT+ organizations were founded as a result of this event.

In commemoration of this day in history, October 11 is now known as National Coming Out Day with many parades and events held every year to raise awareness about the LGBT+ community.

”Coming out”
is an individual’s choice about when, where and to whom they will come out to. It is never acceptable for someone else to make that decision.

LGBT Events Around the World

LGBT Events Around the World
There are four famously large events around the world held during Pride Month.

  • New York Pride March
  • LA Pride
  • Tel Aviv Pride
  • Copenhagen Pride

It would be great to participate in the events if you ever find yourself in these countries during your travels.

New York City Pride March

Every year the biggest Pride March in the world is held in New York City, with tens of thousands of participants and millions of spectators.

Stores, hotels, and bars display the rainbow colors at their entrance in support of LGBT+ rights.

Heritage of Pride works toward a future without discrimination where all people have equal rights under the law.
We do this by producing LGBTQIA+ Pride events that inspire, educate, commemorate and celebrate our diverse community.

Reference : “Our Mission – NYC Pride

2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the NYC Pride March, generating more than twice (about 700 groups) the number of participating groups than any other year.

An estimated 150,000 participants and 3 million spectators gathered. By the time the final group of marching participants finished, it was past midnight.

LA Pride

Rainbow flags and hundreds of thousands of people fill the streets in West Hollywood of Los Angeles.

West Hollywood is home to a large population of the LGBT community. There are roughly 1,300 households that identify as same-sex couples living in West Hollywood according to the 2010 Census.

LA Pride dates back to 1970, making it the oldest LGBT celebration in all of the US.

Our mission is to create safe and inclusive spaces of self-expression, celebration, and diversity/equity/inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community of Greater Los Angeles.

Reference : “ABOUT – LA Pride – Christopher Street West Association, Inc.”

Tel Aviv Pride

Israel is known for being open to the LGBT community, with the city of Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean Sea, being especially accepting.

Famous for being a resort getaway for many Europeans, Tel Aviv holds their own Pride Parade on the second Friday of June every year.

Rainbow flags enliven the beaches and city along with hundreds of thousands of domestic and visiting participants gathering to celebrate.

The parade, a tradition which began as early as 1998 draws a huge crowd of the coolest people from around the world who come together to celebrate and support freedom and the embracing of all lifestyles and genres in an open minded off the charts celebration.


Copenhagen Pride

Known for ranking the “happiest country in the world,” Denmark celebrates Copenhagen Pride in their capital city, being the largest event in the entire country.

Copenhagen Pride dates back to 1996 when it was known as Euro Pride, later named Mermaid Pride from 1998 to 2003, until finally getting its name in 2004.

The clear principle of Copenhagen Pride is stated below.

Copenhagen Pride organiserer aktiviteter og events for og med LGBTQIA+ miljøet, og deltager aktivt i sammenhænge, der kan være med til at skabe synlighed, forståelse og konkrete resultater.

Reference : “Om os – Copenhagen Pride”

Vores vision er at skabe en verden, hvor enhver kan elske og leve – frit og i tryghed.

Reference : “Om os – Copenhagen Pride”

Various Ways of Life for People of Various Identities

Various Ways of Life for People of Various Identities

Worldwide approval for the LGBT+ community will take time when viewed from today’s standpoint.

However, if there are various ways to live, it stands to reason that there are people of various identities.

We must pause and think about our basic freedom, and what that freedom means to us as human beings.

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