Famous Human Rights Violation Around the World


Do you know global human rights violations?

Introduction to some of the most famous human rights problems of the world.

The background of human rights violation will also be explained to deepen your knowledge.

Summary of Global Human Rights Violations

Global Human Rights Violations

Around the world, there are many human rights violations.
Among the many, listed below are the most common.

  • ​​The collapse of civil society organizations in Hong Kong.
  • Myanmar’s coup d’état.
  • Racial discrimination in the US against the Black community.
  • Human trafficking.
  • Gender inequality.
  • Data privacy issues.

The Collapse of Civil Society Organization in Hong Kong

Collapse of Civil Society Organization in Hong Kong

Hong Kong authorities have adopted a new national security law, with vague definitions, imposed by China.

Furthermore, this implementation threatens the existence of civil society space.

On June 4th, 2020 three Hong Kong democracy advocates who organized a campaign in Victoria Park were arrested.

This exemplifies the limitation to freedom of action in Hong Kong.

In addition, the human rights group Amnesty International has closed its Hong Kong offices.

Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, chair of Amnesty International board, has stated the below.

This decision, made with a heavy heart, has been driven by Hong Kong’s national security law, which has made it effectively impossible for human rights organizations in Hong Kong to work freely and without fear of serious reprisals from the government

Reference:”Amnesty International to close its Hong Kong offices — Amnesty International”

This demonstrates the sense of crisis that human rights groups are also detecting.

It will likely progress into issues that violate basic human rights.

Reference:”Tiananmen vigil convictions an affront to human rights and international law – Amnesty International”

Myanmar’s Coup D’état

Myanmar’s Coup D’état

The coup d’état in Myanmar and the human rights violations incidental to this matter is grave.
The United Nations (UN) has stated the following on this topic.

In addition, serious violations are “reported daily of the rights to life, liberty and security of person, the prohibition against torture, the right to a fair trial, and freedom of expression  

Reference:”Rights abuses in Myanmar ‘deepening on an unprecedented scale’ – The United Nations “

As written above, it is said that many human rights have been violated and the masses are appealing for help.

In addition, Myanmar is facing economic crisis.

Myanmar was severely impacted by the coup d’état and COVID-19.

These had a significant effect on its economy.

The economy has fallen to a catastrophic level that it is violating human rights.

As mentioned above, human rights violation in Myanmar is taking place at a disastrous rate and is a problem that deserves global awareness.

Reference :”Human rights ‘catastrophe’ in Myanmar: UN calls for urgent action – The United Nations “

Reference:”MYANMAR 2020 – Amnesty International”

Racial Discrimination Against the Black Community in the US

Racial Discrimination Against the Black Community in the US

In the US, racial discrimination against the black community often becomes a national movement.

These movements are more common, since the US is a multi-ethnic nation and singling out communities according to their ethnicity is paradoxical.

Since May 2020, thirty-five state legislatures have passed over 90 anti-protest bills.

These bills will limit protests addressing racial injustices.

Discrimination against the black community, and the restriction on protests.

The background of human rights violation in the US come from such incidents.

Asians have been a target of racial discrimination as well following the covid-19 pandemic.

Reference : “Rights expert decries wave of anti-protest laws ‘spreading through the country – The United Nations”

Reference : “Statement in Support of Asian Americans Facing Discrimination in the United States – Human rights now”

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stand strongly with the freedom from human trafficking.

However, violations of human trafficking still exist in the present day.

There are many forms of human trafficking other than sexual exploitation, such as forced labor.

Forced marriage is another form of human trafficking.
Children fall victim to most human trafficking.

In some regions, human trafficking is tolerated as part of their culture and tradition.

The Executive Director of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Antonio Maria Costa has voiced the below.

many governments are still in denial. There is even neglect when it comes to either reporting on, or prosecuting cases of human trafficking

Reference : “UNODC report on human trafficking exposes modern form of slavery – UNODC”

Even with reports of human trafficking, there are governments that deny it.

This furthers human rights violation in the form of human trafficking that especially victimizes children.

Reference : “Victims of human trafficking being ‘punished and stigmatized – The United Nations”

Reference : “Human trafficking: people for sale – UNODC”

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality

Human rights violation can exist in gender differentiation.

The UN sees gender equality as one of the fundamental human rights.

However, there are still many countries where inequality according to gender is prominent.

By 2014, there were 143 countries that promised equality between men and women in their Constitutions.

On the other hand, 52 countries did not guarantee gender equality in their Constitutions.

As it can be seen, human rights of gender equality may be violated dependent on countries.

Reference:”Gender Equality – The United Nations”
<Reference:”Gender equality and women’s empowerment – The United Nations”

Data Privacy Issues

Data Privacy Issues

In the world, problems are arising concerning data privacy violation.

Data containing personal information is important and can be used to identify personal characteristics.

However, there have not been any definite regulations on it.

Therefore, the UN has concluded the below.

In order to respect the right to privacy, governments should regulate how private companies – not just police and spy agencies – treat personal data.

Reference:”Data Privacy Is a Human Right – Human Rights Watch”

The UN believes that data privacy should be respected by businesses as well as the government.

The below is stated in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Reference:”International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights   – OHCHR”

Given these regulations, how to handle and protect people’s data will be a challenge
Interference of private data is a violation of human rights.
Therefore, the UN will lead the way in recognizing data privacy as a human right.

Looking at Human Rights Violation of the World

Looking at Human Rights Violation of the World

Human rights violation can range from a region-specific one to a globally relatable breach of rights.

It is our duty to be aware of these human rights violations around the world.

Only we, humans, can act upon these human rights issues.

With that in mind, it is important to engage, individually as well, with global human rights violations.

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